Orders And Delivery

Specially for those visitors, who are not so familiar with the procedure of shopping on the internet, we here give some references how it works in this shop. Three basic informations in front:

- Besides the online-acquisition via download with paypal we offer the option of purchase by mail-order (method of payment: advance payment / bank transfer). The latter - primary intended for the purchase of slimcase albums - can also be used for the receipt of mp3-files via email, in case you don´t have a paypal account and do not want to install one.

- There is a form order on every album site, enabeling you to order only the corresponding tracks of the album/interpreters site you are actually on. In other words: if you want to order tracks from 3 different albums, you make 3 totally independent orders, or: to buy more than one CD (or tracks from more than one) you will have to place your orders consecutively.
You will also get the notice, that it is not possible to pay a slimcase album and download tracks of the same album with PayPal by one order.

- An order is always made for the total price, that is quoted underneath the track list on any album/interpreters site. The costs of delivery are part of the total price. There are no further or hidden costs.

1. online acquisition via download - 2. procedure/payment/delivery: mail order

1. online acquisition via download (you need a paypal account)

It seems superfluous to explain the download procedure to tenants of a paypal account. But it might be useful to know, that the download links, that will be sent after the execution of payment with paypal, will go to to the email-address entered in the users paypal account and - in case the email addresses are different - not to the address the user entered into the order form.
The links stay activated for a 4-week period for unlimited use within that timespan.

2. Procedure/Payment/Delivery: mail order

Having selected the method of payment (advance payment) and then clicking the "buy"-button, it should take only minutes until the reception of a mail that confirms, that your order has been sent to anymotion-music. In that mail, we accept your request, thus making it an obligatory order. Of course it contains a detailed list of orders. We will also give you the information you need for the advance payment.

Deliveries of orders (audio-CDs, mp3-files) will be effected after receipt of payment.
Because the order management and delivery ist not automated when the method of payment is bank transfer, we claim a time span of 24 hours in exceptional cases until delivery of mp3-files after the receipt of your payment.

Audio-CDs should arrive 2-3 days after payment. We will inform you, when CD-albums are on the way.

In case you decide to make your payment by bank transfer, please bring it about within 3 days.
If we do not register a receipt of payment (advance payment/bank transfer) within 5 calendar days, our obligation to deliver the mp3-files or album CD you ordered expires and we will respectively brief you by e-mail.

E-mail: info@anymotion-music.de